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Created 2019-08-23
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Description Art has a flawless beauty. Someone wants to pick up Venus and feel uncomfortable when they pick it up. The novel is also the same, written in a neat and regular way, from beginning to end, sometimes not a good thing. Calligraphy and painting, the art is also in the blank. It's better to buy a piece of black paper when you write the whole piece of paper. That is also a matter of saving. The beauty of the novel in the novel can be headless. For example, if a man walks out of the house and finds a pile of torn photos in the corner, he is interested in putting it together. If it's a whole photo, maybe it will pass. The novel will leave the readers interested in the work. The white man who is willing to fight will put the photos together and find that it is a beautiful girl from the neighbor's house <a href="" rel="nofollow">Carton Of Cigarettes</a>. I feel boring. I suddenly found a man's hand on the shoulder of the girl. It seems to be a building. Position. The man thought, it is said that this girl did not talk about her boyfriend, who is this man. He was interested and started to fight again. As a result, the other half of the photos could not be found <a href="" rel="nofollow">Online Cigarettes</a>. The same two photos, one torn into a few petals and thrown on the table, one on the table, everyone is more interested in the torn photo. In fact, the broken piece mentioned here is the part left for the reader to process, and it can be said that the shortcomings are left. The novel is not a film and television drama. If the film and television drama does not have a relatively perfect ending, the audience is not satisfied. The novel still needs to leave the part that the readers complete themselves. This kind of incomplete beauty is not only at the end, but also in the text. Last night, the yellow leaves fell; tomorrow, the water will take them away; and tonight, I, along with my heavy shadow, stand in the darkness, silent. Cold Moon, together with listening to the raging waves of Yulinhai, tumbling together in the big river, and singing together in the wind and sand. Yes, since you are my shadow, witnessed my life and tears, then, wherever there is heaven and earth, there is water and wood to facilitate you. Since you are my shadow and have witnessed my memory and pursuit, then there is a place where you have to cry, laugh, love and hate. Outside the window, the traffic of the city, the flow of people, the waves of the voice, drowning the whispers of thought. At this moment, my shadow and me resist all the hilarious scenes <a href="" rel="nofollow">Marlboro Red</a>. The colorful colors faded, and the laughter of youth was dull; the flow of the city was vibrant and cruel. All the days are rapidly withering. They become pieces of fallen leaves. When they are not cherished, they are rushed into the depths of the forgotten country night. The world is already exhausted. My shadow with me is relatively silent.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="" rel="nofollow">Newport Cigarettes</a>
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