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Created 2019-08-23
Owner ylq
Title People will dress u
Description I sat in front of the pot and thought about the flowers in front of me. I can't name it, and it doesn't know me, so I think, the flower is unknown. I also think that flowers do not need to be named. The flower is unknown <a href="" rel="nofollow">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>, growing in the wilderness, mixed in the green clumps, the wind blowing and washing, watching the rising sun. It is the people who have the heart to see them and pick them up. Flowers are known for their beauty and are favored by people. If the flower is nameless <a href="" rel="nofollow">Cheap Cigarettes</a>, it can still be the same flower petal; the same flower bud; the same Qingfang. It took a lot of fame to name it. Instead, it changed the flower in the potted plant in the green field. It was taken care of and beautiful. People have a good intention to pray for a long time, care for them, and love them more, so that they can enjoy the beauty of flowers for a long time. However, is there a long-lasting flower in the world? The beauty of flowers is the bloom and fade of spring and spring. The flower did not bring a name, and did not take the name. Only the beauty that it feels is left in the hearts of the people. It is the virtue of flowers that flickers and flowers do not sway for their beauty. People will dress up as a flower for the sake of swaying. From this point of view, people do not have to live confidently. People are praying for a long-lasting living thing, but how can there be a long-lasting love? Perhaps, from picking flowers back in the mountains and feeding them in pots, you can see the fate of human beings - a contradictory body of unrealistic greed. Because the flower is unnamed, this is the same as everyone else. It is good to be greedy for good and long-lasting. The goodwill of human beings is like transplanting flowers from the wasteland back to your own courtyard, giving it a name, making it possession and making everyone aware. The name of the flower, the license to hold it for a long time, the floral fragrance filled the house, but also let the passing people smell the joy of spring. But what is the meaning of flowers? Only a good reputation is a kind of contentment for human greed, but the flower is unnamed, it is just quiet, and it is open to yourself. All flowers and non-flowers in the wilderness should have their own. The original mission, just like the nameless flower, was only seen by someone and no one saw it. So for all those who are named and those who are not remembered, they will have their own value. I don��t know the beauty of myself. As long as I have enough sunshine and dew, it can be released as if it were, not at all waiting for people to pick and appreciate. The meaning of flowers is not necessarily the long-lasting beauty of human kindness. It is only natural openness and fading. This is its answer to the meaning of life. The reward for the birth of heaven and earth is the same after the nameless and the name <a href="" rel="nofollow">Cigarettes Online</a>. The beauty of flowers does not need to be named. Huaben is unknown, I think so.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="" rel="nofollow">Cigarettes Online</a>
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