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Created 2019-07-10
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Title Open the short
Description Open the short essays that have been written recently, and touch the pen to Buddha Zen, literature, entertainment, agriculture, military, law, politics, diplomacy, life, natural scenery, and many other fields, although I try to describe things clearly so as to give readers a Clear and clear explanations, but helplessly suffer from the limitations of these professional knowledge, so no matter how deliberately sketched, they have not been able to achieve such a goal. In addition, the penpower is too fatal to express. No good author is not diligently trained <a href="" rel="nofollow">Cigarettes For Sale</a>, so writing good works is not enough. But apart from that, I also think that some people, like people like me, can hardly write good articles if they work hard. This is a matter of talent. In other words, writing is a genius, born or not. In fact, writing is a matter of talent, and many talents are related to talent. For example, painting, music, calculation, language, writing, memory, etc. are all related to talent-related materialism, material determines the spirit. These talents are determined by a certain material basis. It is often said that some people's abilities have not been developed and developed, so they don't know how talented he is <a href="" rel="nofollow">Newport Cigarettes Coupons</a>. What is the development mining? What determines a person's talent? It is the human brain that determines the various thinking and behaviors of a person, that is, the brain determines the various abilities of the person. Because a person grows a brain and depends mainly on the genetic endowment of the parents, the parents are heaven, so they are called talents. The two left and right hemispheres of the person are both different and related. The left brain is not more comprehensive and perfect for the non-Zuo Li people because of the long-term work of the right hand. Therefore, the left hemisphere is also called the dominant hemisphere. Its advantage is reflected in the human language center in the left brain. The language center is divided into a sports language center and a sensory language center. People say that labor creates language <a href="" rel="nofollow">Online Cigarettes</a>, because the activities of the right hand are complex and fine, and thus the dominant center of the language center in the left brain, which is also important in this discussion. The main function of the language is the expression of language. That is to say, the time when a person's language ability appears sooner or later, the strength of expression is determined by the center of the sports language. The language center is in the lower back of the frontal lobe of the left brain. When a person's language expression cannot be understood by others or can't understand someone else's language <a href="" rel="nofollow">Cigarettes Online</a>, it is a problem with the language's sensory center. This language sense center is also called the auditory language center, and it grows on the back of the human left cerebral palsy. To be a good speaker, the language center must develop well enough. There is a visual language center in the back of the left brain. Its function is writing and painting. That is to say, a calligrapher or painter, the writing center of his left brain and middle back must be very developed. A person with high academic qualifications encountered in real life work, the reason why Chinese characters are not good-looking is not difficult to explain and understand the test papers of the students <a href="" rel="nofollow">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>. Doctors write prescriptions, and the manager signs a contract. Why do you have to sign your own autograph and not sign it? Because it is not difficult for us to find that each person's pen body is different from each other's <br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="" rel="nofollow">Online Cigarettes</a>
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