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Created 2019-07-10
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Title feel that lotus
Description that the water lily is not long lotus seeds. People say that lotus is not a family. It is a kind of flower <a href="" rel="nofollow">Cheap Cigarettes</a>, but I feel that since it is a kind of flower, why do you have both lotus and lotus? I think there should be a difference between them. I finally learned that the petals of lotus are mostly single leaves, the color is mostly white or pink, the leaves are not burrs, the roots are short and not divided, these characteristics are exactly opposite to the lotus, but the whole belongs to a kind of flower <a href="" rel="nofollow">Cigarettes Online</a>, just different classifications. And the water lily is more scarce and precious. The poets' poems about lotus are even more like people's love, such as "the lotus leaves are infinite, and the lotus flowers are different red". "The little lotus is sharp and sharp, and it has already stood on the head." It��s a sentence that doesn��t matter, it��s clear and not demon. A few years later, I received a phone call from my uncle, saying that I was a college entrance examination for my sister. I asked Xiaolian to help me choose a school and a major. I gave Lotus a message and asked what kind of industry Lianlian likes. Lianlian told I, Lotus is her favorite, I want to apply for the flower cultivation and planting of agricultural colleges. I feel that since Lotus is so fond of lotus and other flowers, if you study such a profession, it is definitely an interest. Maybe you will learn. The achievement came, so I expressed my supportive attitude. Due to the heavy work and study life, I and Lin Lian have not been able to meet for many years and have not contacted. After graduating from Lianlian Agricultural University, I went to the South. There are very few opportunities to go home. When I went back to my hometown, I often saw Lin Lian��s father��s neighboring uncle. When I met, I naturally inquired about the situation of Lianlian. I received Lianlian from Shenzhen two years ago. The phone call came over, saying that she is now the general manager of a production company in Shenzhen <a href="" rel="nofollow">Marlboro Gold</a>. In recent years, due to her love for flowers, according to the relevant knowledge, she has developed a number of new varieties of sleeping lotus seeds. Some breeding technologies have been at the leading level in China, and some varieties have filled the gap in the country. Lian Lian told me that it was originally rooted, and now I use my own cultivated lotus seeds to grow, which can be cultivated on a large scale. Her company is to cultivate and sell its own lotus varieties. The market demand is very large, and the company's scale has expanded in the past two years. The phone also invited me to participate in the preparation of this International Lotus Flower Expo. I happily agreed to the invitation of Lotus, and boarded the plane to fly to Shenzhen on the way, because of the busy and untrustworthy promise. When I arrived in Shenzhen, I apologized for the promise that I did not honor the lotus flower in the big park to see the water lily in these years <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. Lian Lian, instead, thanked me for coming, saying that it was because of the dream of such a water lily, and the decision that my brother gave me when choosing his studies, that he made up his mind to make the water lily a life that loves his life. . Lian Er took me to visit her lotus planting base. I took the opportunity to take this photo with her and her lotus. The two little babies of lotus lotus were changed into a ponytail, still seven or eight scorpion flowers, wearing a fish-white top with a traditional style on the right side, with a black dress and a handshade. Umbrella, or holding a paper fan, or a scarf on the shoulder, all so decent and natural, the natural unity of man and lotus, laughing like lotus is still so sweet, I suddenly feel that lotus is for the lotus Health, Lian Er is a lotus fairy. The unprecedented International Lotus Exhibition is coming to an end. Lian Lian sent me to the airport. I made a short farewell to Lotus and returned to Shijiazhuang. After returning, I sent a message to Lianlian: Lotus, the water lily has been deeply rooted in your heart, blooming in your heart lake, you don��t need your brother to take you to see the water lily in the park, because, The heart lake where you are filled with water lily is bigger than any lotus pond in the world. You are lotus, and lotus is because of you. Lotus Lotus swallowed back the phone and said that it was the brother who knew Lotus <a href="" rel="nofollow">Cigarettes For Sale</a>. I am also very excited and uncomfortable. I wish my sister next door to make her favorite lotus career bigger and stronger.
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