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Category Antiques
Created 2018-12-05
Owner Maplestory2M
Title Clearly nexon Maplestory 2 Mesos
Description Clearly nexon Maplestory 2 Mesos does not enjoy my patronage I always opened The main reason I stocked up was due to meso sacks potential scorllsgold stamps I would have been out of use inventory in minutes when I opened them earlier and with no stock I cant pick up more boxes and continue enjoying the eventTHe event was put up in a a terrible

manner that jumped one to save boxes until the last day in the event that you wanted the genuine rare stuff The nodestones honestly dont even matter since Im not gon t bother with job that is th They brought me back together with occasions and then thoroughly Fd me at the A I just wanted one taste of adequate gear for once in my

life and that ring all those potential srolls really would have helped me out Without those its just dull maplestory having an underpowered character that is fpIf they wanted to keep returning players they ought to have let them appreciate the event properly and taste of a bit of that electricity inspire them to shed some NX by showing

them how powerful a good ring or any Maple Story 2 Mesos cubes can make you THats all I wanted anyways When the event actually paid out I was actually enjoying myself and intended to drop adequate money on this game However it didnt And yeah it is not that hard to include UTC from the product description It is Global MS Making everybody

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Location NEW YORK
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