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Category Antiques
Created 2018-12-05
Owner Maplestory2M
Title That is much Maplestory M Mesos closer to
Description That is much Maplestory M Mesos closer to maintenance timeInstead Im guessing my V boxes vanished because they set it to midnight GMT with no true indication of it being GMT from the description or the information article or the forum postSo I stored them to start them because they would have filled my inventory with scrolls yesterday but alas

nexon is too inept to conduct on a line of code and delete the items throughout maintenance rather theyd rather put new boxes for a brand new patch in before the patch really occursI sent in a ticket and Im out If I do not get some compensation I didnt grind all week and get hyped for th job simply to have santa boxes get capped and

my V boxes get deleted early Normally I take break out of maple because its a terrible addiction and Im having a lot of fun but this time youve ruined an whole event for the casual gamers you are trying to bring back I will be sure to verbally denounce your business to everyone I know who has any interest in playing a nexon game ever

again I dont consider games a waste of time when I like myself and feel honored by the developers but nexon actually wasted my time wth this terrible eventI wouldnt have played I thought those boxes could be rewarding and I got no substantial reward for playing all week There might as well have been no event whatsoever for me

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