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Created 2018-11-08
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Description staggering statistic goes beyond just feeling irritable and craving sugary foods and carbs. These serious blood sugar problems are also the leading driving force of heart attacks, strokes and inflammation-spectrum problems at large. Want to know something amazing, though? The overwhelming majority of the blood sugar issues we see in our world today are reversible, preventable, manageable problems! Wherever you are at on the insulin-resistant-inflammation spectrum, whether you have blood sugar crashes during the day or have a diagnosable metabolic syndrome or diabetes, the foods you eat wield amazing power over chaotic blood sugar. Every meal you eat will either feed health or feed disease. There is no neutral food, no Switzerland meal. Every time you sit down to eat is another opportunity to nourish your body with healing food medicine. So what are your waiting for? Do something about it and get off the blood sugar roller coaster! In my years of experience in functional medicine, I have homed in on the world's best foods to focus on in your week for healthy blood sugars. Here, my friend, is your blood-sugar-balancing superfood grocery list and meal plan! 1. Healthy fats. Your brain is comprised of 60 percent fat. When we rely on sugar for energy, we're depriving our body of exactly what it is made of, so get off this blood-sugar roller coaster and add more fat into your diet! Fat is the longest-lasting source of energy for you and your

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