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Created 2018-10-11
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Description Stimulation of Signaling Pathways Recent work has shed light on the underlying mechanisms of tissue repair within the body. Conboy et al,4 investigated the influence of systemic factors on aged progenitor cells (specifically, satellite cells) of peripheral tissues such as muscle and liver. Muscle satellite cells are quiescent precursors interposed between myofibrils and a sheath of external lamina. Their activation and recruitment enables muscle repair and adaptation. Conboy’s team conducted an experiment wherein they established parabiotic pairings (Nerve Renew is, a shared circulatory system) between young and old mice (heterochronic parabioses), exposing old mice to factors present in young serum. Notably, heterochronic parabiosis restored the activation of Notch signaling as well as the proliferation and regenerative capacity of aged satellite cells in muscle tissue. In vitro, the exposure of satellite cells from old mice to young serum enhanced the expression of the Notch ligand (Delta), increased Notch activation, and enhanced proliferation. More insight into possible signaling mechanisms comes from work on nitric oxide in muscle tissue. Evidence points to nitric oxide as a mediator of satellite cell

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