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Description   <BR>He made it a rule to disclose the real views with which he made his experiments. Although, he says, 173 <a href="" title="cheap long prom dress" rel="nofollow">cheap long prom dress</a> by following a contrary maxim he might have acquired a character of greater sagacity, he thought that two good ends were secured by his method—one as tending to make his narrative more interesting, and the other as encouraging other adventurers in experimental philosophy by showing them that by pursuing even false lights real <a href="" title="custom made homecoming dress" rel="nofollow">custom made homecoming dress</a> and important truths may be discovered, and that in seeking one thing we often find another. He believes, however, that he writes more concisely than is usual with those who publish accounts of their experiments, and in thus refraining from swelling his book “to a pompous and respectable size” he trusts he will earn the <a href="" title="discount long prom dress" rel="nofollow">discount long prom dress</a> gratitude of those philosophers who, having but little time to spare for reading, which is always the case with those who do much themselves, will thereby be kept not too long from their own pursuits. He then comments on what he justly considers the amazing improvements <a href="" title="Cheap prom dress" rel="nofollow">Cheap prom dress</a> in natural knowledge which have been made within the century, and contrasts these with the comparative poverty as regards scientific results of the many preceding ages, which yet abounded with men who had no other object but study; and he rejoices to think that this rapid progress of knowledge, extending itself not this way or that way only, but in all <a href="" title="bridesmaid custom made dress" rel="nofollow">bridesmaid custom made dress</a> directions, will be the means of extirpating all error and prejudice and of putting an end to all undue and usurped authority in the business of religion as well as of science. <BR><BR>“It was ill policy in Leo the Tenth to patronise polite literature. He was cherishing an enemy in disguise. And the English hierarchy (if there be anything unsound in its constitution) has equal reason to tremble even at an air-pump or an electrical machine.”




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