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Created 2018-05-23
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Title Kitchen Remodeling Custom Made Cleaf Kitchen Cabinets
Description Your old kitchen has pleased you for many years but the realization that it is time to let it go was inevitable. It is time to redesign your kitchen, not only to bring it up-to-date but also make it a reflection of you. Gamma Designs is happy to give you a helping hand with your kitchen remodeling.


Our custom made kitchen cabinets Sacramento are never the same because we do not like to repeat ourselves. Moreover, we desire to make the kitchen design of each client exclusive and we believe it is something our clients want too. We manufacture our cabinets following current fashion trends and sometimes creating our own.

We may offer you different cabinets starting with inexpensive options and ending with luxurious. We will go through several steps to accomplish our mission in your kitchen remodeling or cabinetry refacing, such as:

get acquainted with the kitchen
ask about your ideas, the number of people using the kitchen, its functionality, etc.
Check the most sensitive points in your kitchen (sockets, kitchen sink, refrigerator), paying attention to their placement
take a measurement of the area
showcase all materials available for kitchen cabinet crafting
help you select the best color scheme
select fittings most suitable to your taste and our vision
plan spacing and interior design with your approval
manufacture the cabinets
finally, deliver and install the new cabinets to your kitchen.

We take on projects of all sizes, from designing a single piece of kitchen cabinetry to kitchen refacing to remodeling the whole kitchen.

Styling your kitchen by our custom cabinets

We would be more than happy to provide you with any style you want:

Classic style

Our quality kitchen cabinets will be crafted to look tasteful and authentic. We lean towards pastel tones when choosing cabinet color. Quality and comfort – that is what everyone, including you, will say once we complete remodeling or refacing your kitchen.

Modern style

We can smooth sharp edges, changing harsh lines to rounded ones with the use of plastic, stone, or glass materials – all options are options when manufacturing modern looking Clef kitchen cabinets in Sacramento.


When our clients choose a high-tech style for their kitchen cabinets, we produce glossy surfaces for their cabinets and tabletops, using variety of different materials. It is important to choose two or three main colors in combination with each other. <a href="" rel="nofollow">european cabinets Sacramento</a> We often select from shades of gray, slate, black and dark brown, combining them with one bright color.

Minimal art style

Simplicity is the key here. Minimal art is manifested not only in the details but also in the choice of color – when painting the cabinets, we lean towards no color contrasts, selecting from neighboring shades instead.

Victorian style

These premium cabinets have an antique look with the wood roughly sanded and overlaid with faded paint. A feeling of warmth and old world charm will take over your kitchen.

Country style

To shape your kitchen to a country style, we design cabinets with simplicity, keeping a minimum of sophistications and a maximum of practicality in mind. These cabinets are glossed with a special coating for a natural stained wood style rather than covering it with a conventional paint.

Art Deco

This is for those people who live their life in a grand style. When crafting our cabinets for your kitchen, we utilize geometric shapes, floral patterns, images of animals and many other unique motifs.

It is crucial to arrange a space so that it doesn't just surround you but reflects who lives there. No matter what style you choose, the important thing is to make it convenient for everyone around you. Gamma Designs is eager to cooperate with you, giving you first-rate service and top-notch cabinets.
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