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Created 2017-10-04
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Title Game Players focus on Unanswered Questions in NBA 2K18
Description Game Players focus on Unanswered Questions in NBA 2K18

nbamtcoin is a series that has great depth, so even though we've already learned about quite a few details, there are still a number of questions that are unanswered.
From this list, we can find that in 2k18, only two centers of the ability to value the 90. Among them, the test of the ability of the value of 92, the pressure of the Union into the center of the first, only played two seasons of Downs is 91 in the second line of the value!
I and other NBA 2K game players to ask the forum about NBA 2k18 expectations and NBA 2k17 problems in Quora, we all hope that some of the problems have been improved, but also look forward to the following about the NBA 2k18 related issues can be very well resolved. and thank for the rearrangement of the problem.
We don't know for sure that there are new archetypes on the way. I expect to learn this information later this week when the MyCareer details are revealed.

Every year, MyLeague Online moves a little closer to mirroring the offline version. Free agency is one of the features missing from the online component. It wasn't discussed on the blog, so I'm guessing it isn't in, but we'll confirm ASAP.

This is similar to the offline/online question, but it's different because it also relates to player editing. Fans want to know what aspects of the existing players can be edited. Can we change the ages of the players from the classic teams? Can we edit socks and more?

This has been an issue in the last few versions of the game. It appeared to be improved during the hands-on preview, but I'll know for sure when I play the final build.
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