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Created 2017-10-04
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Title No Madden 18 Prima Print Guide
Description No Madden 18 Prima Print Guide

For many years, gamers have had the option of purchasing a print strategy guide to go along with their purchase of Madden. Times have changed though and just like you can’t go to Blockbuster and rent a VHS, you can no longer buy a print strategy guide for Madden coins.

Just like Netflix came along and allowed you to stream your favorite movies directly to your television, technology has changed the way Madden 18 strategies are delivered.

The official Prima strategy guide for Madden was great but it had a few glaring weaknesses. First, it was written months before the game comes out. That means that it was extremely helpful for the first week but after that the millions of people who purchase Madden every year had found new money plays and strategies the guide would be quickly rendered useless.

From a team perspective, you have all kinds of things that the official guide couldn’t cover. Roster updates happen, breakout players emerge, players get injured or have a bad year. A Madden 18 guide written in July won’t be of very much use in September much less December or the next year.

From a gameplay perspective, overly effective plays that work in August when <a href="" rel="nofollow">buy now</a> is first released get patched by EA relatively quickly. There is no way for the Madden NFL 18 official strategy guide to take that into account. So it could be recommending a play that was so effective at one point that it was considered overpowered by EA Sports and they took measures to fix it. If you had the official print guide, you would continue calling that same play, not realizing that it no longer works.

Another issue that the print guide had was that it was so bulky. You couldn’t discreetly view the guide on your phone or computer at work. It barely could fit into a backpack. The point that technology has gotten to now, you can just pull up the Madden School Unlimited app on your phone or login to our website and have instant access to all of the best Madden 18 tips and cheats.
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