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Created 2013-08-15
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Title Prolong Your Telomeres for Long Life
Description A study in Denmark calculated that when the telomere length is short, the risk of heart attack is increased by as much as 50% and the chances of premature death is increased by as much as 25%. In another study, shorter telomeres indicated higher risk for cancer. Telomeres length is a indicator of your biological clock and can be known through blood test.

Telomeres are structures at the tips of chromosomes that prevent chromosomes from binding with other chromosomes, fusing with themselves, and "fraying" during cell division. The shorter your telomeres, the shorter is your expected life span compared to people of your age group with longer telomeres. If the telomeres is shorter than the chronological age, it means one is aging faster than people in one’s age group.

Proper diet, regular exercise and avoiding constant heavy stress will prevent your telemores from shortening rapidly. Smoking and obesity cause systemic inflammation and are a direct cause of shortening of the telomere so avoid these as well if you want to increase your life span.

A natural compound, L-carnosine, protects the telomeres in the body. It blocks telomere shortening and also helps to lengthen them again. Try Endymion 100% pure L-carnosine for longevity.
Keywords anti aging, telomeres, carnosine
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