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Created 2013-07-24
Owner talkdiamond
Title Endymion Naturally Fights Aging and Stress
Description Endymion is a pure form of Carnosine in powder form, colorless and tasteless that easily dissolves in water, coffee or juice which you can drink first thing in the morning or sip throughout the day to stay in top shape and fight the signs of aging successfully.

Endymion carnosine is a natural supplement to replenish the inherent carnosine on your body that you lose with stress or if your body is unable to produce it in sufficient quantities as you advance in age.
Studies show that carnosine fights aging through its unique ability to protect the chromosomes from deterioration and stop them from fusing with other neighbouring chromosomes. It also allows each cell to replicate itself more times and prolong cell life. It also prevents skin collagen from cross-linking thus prevent loss of elasticity and wrinkles.

Carnosine flushes out ionic heavy metals or toxins from the body making you free from feelings associated with stress like irritability, heaviness and sluggishness. Aside from its own excellent antioxidant properties, it also acts with other antioxidant substances and systems such as vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium and enzymes like superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase to give a much greater overall benefit than the sum total of all of their separate effects combined.

With Endymion carnosine, you age slower, live longer and increase your personal productivity.

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